Meet the Data Storytellers, Part 2

Meet the Data Storytellers 

Part 2 

As part of Penn's first Teach-In since 1969, organized by the Faculty Senate, PPEH and Data Refuge Stories set up Stories Hubs across campus at central locations of interdisciplinary knowledge production and circulation. These sites included Penn Nursing, Annenberg School of Communication, Van Pelt Library, David Rittenhouse Labs. At each hub, teams comprised of PPEH student fellows gathered stories about data, research, and evidence-based practice, all of which will be entered into the Data Refuge storybank. Who are the people that generously gathered stories? Meet some of them here: 


Emma Singer

Emma Singer is majoring in Urban Studies and originally from the riverbanks of the Delaware, (i.e. Solebury, PA). She's drawn to storytelling because it's a way to value different types of knowledge and expertise: "So often we miss the expertise gained from time rather than prestige, money or power. Storytelling is a way to recognize and challenge that." She cares about data as it relates to human beings and inequality. Stories Hub: Annenberg. MOOD: "hopeful".


Carlos Price-Sanchez

A Philly native, Carlos is double majoring in English and Creative Writing and Environmental Studies. Carlos is participating in Data Refuge because he hopes that storytelling will encourage individuals to take our environments more seriously, and ourselves less so. Carlos dreams about more data on methods for preservation of cultural heritage sites against sea level rise as well as what sites may be at risk. Stories Hub: Nursing. MOOD: "sanguine and suspicious".


Fiona Jensen-Hitch

Fiona is studying Anthropology and English. She grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is participating Data Refuge Stories because  she thinks it's important for members of any public to think about what data is and how they engage with it on a daily basis. She's interested in diverse modes of storytelling, from poetry and dance to museum exhibitions. Fiona cares about data created by communities, its preservation/loss, and its access. Stories Hub: Van Pelt Library. MOOD: "oscillating". 


(Photographs by Patricia Eunji Kim)